webscraping for your dream car with Python

For those of you who enjoy a pretty car – here is something that might sound familiar. You’ve seen the car on the road, wondered how much it would cost, checked Done Deal, scrolled through the listings, read through the descriptions, decided against it because of the price and then closed the site. Only toContinue reading “webscraping for your dream car with Python”

streamline the boring stuff: the CSO edition

I’ve recently been working a lot with APIs (otherwise known as Application Programming Interfaces) in my role with GRID Finance as we aim to apply “API-first” principles to our analytics offering. It reminded me of the post I created about Ireland and her Exports because the data that inspired that post came from the CentralContinue reading “streamline the boring stuff: the CSO edition”

network analysis and the Irish stock market (feat. Python)

The stock market. Buy low, sell high. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and if it was we’d all be silly rich and probably not writing blog articles on personal websites about it! Fortunately, there are a variety of tools that traders can use to gain an advantage in the stock market. One of those toolsContinue reading “network analysis and the Irish stock market (feat. Python)”

Ireland and her exports

On July 15th 2020 Ireland won its appeal against a European Commission ruling that it gave Apple illegal state aid in the form of tax advantages that gave it an unfair advantage over other EU countries. According to the Commission, Apple owes Ireland a hefty sum of €14.3 billion in uncollected taxes. Margrethe Vestager, theContinue reading “Ireland and her exports”

mapping Irish exports in Python

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about a reduction in consumer spending in economies around the world so it got me thinking about who are Ireland’s biggest trading partners. Fortunately, the wonderful people over at the Central Statistics Office publish this data and more but for now, I’m going to focus on creating aContinue reading “mapping Irish exports in Python”

where’s the rain?

We love talking about the weather in Ireland. Absolutely love it. And there’s an unlimited amount of ways to describe it – fierce weather; good drying weather; scorcher; belter; cracker – can all be used to say it’s rather sunny outside. And my favourite – there’s a grand stretch in the evening! I’ve often wonderedContinue reading “where’s the rain?”

Covid-19: making the most out of a not-so-good situation

There’s something strange about being told you must do something – it inherently makes you not want to do it. With many of us being advised to work from home where possible and the increasingly likeliness of Ireland following countries like Italy and Spain in enforcing lockdowns, I’m sure there’s people out there already climbingContinue reading “Covid-19: making the most out of a not-so-good situation”

Are you Surrounded by Idiots?

We’re all surrounded by idiots. This is the tongue in cheek declaration by Thomas Erikson, author of the international bestseller Surrounded by Idiots… so don’t take it personally Yellows! In a saturated market of self-help books, Surrounded by Idiots is an easy-going read for those who want to understand their fellow humans. Similar to conceptsContinue reading “Are you Surrounded by Idiots?”

A Disease Epidemic Study

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus 2019-nCoV has been unsettling. As of 25-01-20 there have been 56 deaths contributed to the virus out of 1350 lab-confirmed cases1; a 4% death rate. Coronaviruses are common among animals with humans typically getting infected once over their lifetimes resulting in a mild cold or cough2. Like all virusesContinue reading “A Disease Epidemic Study”